10,000+ Hours  :  Teaching 
    10,000+ Hours  :  Media Creation    * Games, Film, Web
    10,000+ Hours  :  Musician          * Producer, Sound Designer, Drummer
    05,700  Hours  :  Manual Therapist  

At a glance / noscope360 :

   Currently : 
    Visual Musician
    Maker designing gamified Wearable Electronics
    Medical Anatomy & Movement researcher 

   Pre-currently :
    Taught at college level for a decade. 
    Wrote an 18 month, game art diploma. 
    Directed & Animated Commerical for G4TV. 
    Lectured @ FanExpo to an audience of ~400.
    Curated an 'offline' artist's collective for 17 years.
    Actor in Superbowl commerical with Jackie Chan & Michael Jordan.
    Performed @ Comerica Park, Detroit 
    Performed @ DB Clarke Theatre, Concordia U, Montreal
    Exceptional D&D Dungeon Master (based on impartial reviews)
    Microprocessor Based Artist since Apple][

Current Works

'Machine Learning Synth vs. Weather Data' Premiere Performance @ Handlebar for Nite Comfort Aug 5th, 2018 Cassette Tape + iTunes Album Relase. The artist will be performing 'Big Data' by sonically transcoding weather patterns. Performing as Mikrosleep [ event ] Weekly Maker build blogs for Elmwood [ blogs ] Building Movement Research Tools

Most Recent

'Retro-prospectives' for Ambient Ping, July 11th, 2018. Performing as Mikrosleep

Curriculum Vitae


> Degree B.A. (Hons), Psychology, Brock University, 2001 Concentrations: Cognitive Science, Human Factors / HCI, Eastern Religions Thesis : Examinining Video Game Immersion as a Flow State Thesis Advisor: John Mitterer, Ph.D. Major Influence : Harry Hunt, Ph.D.
> Diplomas DOMP, Graduate Diploma, Canadian College of Osteopathy Concentrations: Anatomy, Manual Therapy, Biomechanics Expected April 2020, Currently in 4th year (part time). Holt School of Natural Healing Reflexology('92), Acupuncture('93) and Aromatherapy('94). Open University of Sri Lanka ('93) Volunteered as an Acupuncturist in Columbo Teaching Hospital under Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya. I no longer practice acupuncture.
> Interest Stanford University Webcourse, Technical Entrepreneurship 2012 Ontario College of Percussion and Music Theory Percussion with Robin Boers 2006 - 2008 > Martial Arts, Chronologically Aikido('92), Hung Gar Kung Fu, Aki Ryu Jujitsu, Iado, Sport Jujitsu (trophied), Tai Chi, Qi Gong('18)

Work Experience:

> Contract Operations and Resident Maker Elmwood Electronics February 2018 - Current Ship orders, author blog tutorials, make things. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Circuit Playground Express & Micro:Bit. Elmwood is the largest Canadian distributor of Adafruit, Sparkun & an Official Raspberry Pi Reseller Department Head : Curriculum Developer & Art Instructor trios College October 2012 - May 2015 (2 years 8 months) Developed the course content of the 'Video Game Design Technologies' Diploma. Courses : 2D / 3D Art Asset Creation & Level Design, Internships & Work Placement Skills, Contracts. Photoshop, Maya, Unity3d, Flash Programming Instructor triOS College June 2009 - October 2012 (3 years 5 months) Video Game Development, targeting PC, Web & Mobile. Courses : Unity3D, Flash, XNA, DirectX, Source Engine Instructor at various colleges September 2005 - 2008 (3 years) RCC Institute of Technology : 3dsMax modeling, Game Design. Trebas : Audio for the Web, Web design, Flash, Marketing, Accounting, Merchandise, Contracts. International Academy of Design (CBC Building): Quality Assurance for Games, Sound Design. Instructor Sheridan May 2005 - September 2005 (5 months) Developed and delivered a course covering Anatomy, Reflexology and Natural Health to Pharmacy students.
Various Roles in TV & Film Production 2005-2008 (3 years) Art Department, Production Assistant, Craft Services Production Companies: Blackwalk, NextFilm, etc. Directors : Director X, Harv Glazer, etc. Shows: Mayday, Several Rap videos
Server / 3D Engine QA on unreleased MMO Davisville Game Studio 2005 (1 year)
Sound Designer / Writer Brainbox ( Budget game subsidary of Digital Extremes) 2003 - 2004 (2 years) Contractor on two Unreal engine titles published by Groove Games. Desert Thunder and Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam. Both titles were published for retail in 8 countries. Performed Sound Design, Script Writing, UnrealEd, Design Documentation, Built QA lab and Voice Acted a range of characters.
Therapist, Instructor, Researcher MediSCEN 2001 - 2002 (2 years) Administering biofeedback, documenting and teaching courses with Russian medicial device importer of cosmonaut, ELF & EMF technology. Teaching Assistant & Research Intern at Brock University September 1999 - May 2001 (1 year 9 months) Teaching Assistant for Intro to Psychology course. Research intern @ HyperMedia lab, creating multimedia interfaces and web sites Netscape 3.0 era > Volunteer Facilitator Global Game Jam January 2009 - 2012 (4 years) Facilitated the Global Game Jam event around Southern Ontario. Global Game Jam is a yearly 48 hour no-sleep video game competition. It is held concurrently around the planet the end of January. 2012 Hamilton - 242 sites in 47 countries, 10,684 individuals made 2,209 games. Guinness World Record. w00t! 2011 Hamilton - 170 sites in 44 countries, 1500 games produced 2010 Hamilton - 138 sites in 39 countries. 1000 games produced 2009 Toronto - 53 sites in 23 countries. 370 games produced. I hosted the first Global Game Jam in Toronto at Seneca College. Characters of one of the games prototyped there eventually became one of the top games on the App Store world wide & spawned a studio sustaining franchise. > Self Employment Owner/Operator Anatomic Records 2001 - Present Head of artists collective that has produced over 400 shows around southern ontario spanning musical styles from musique concrete to noise rock to puppet theatre. Produced short films in 2006. Web Developer January 1998 - August 2002 (4 years 8 months) Started a web design company. Created and programmed all websites. Managed a sales agent. Clients included Canada Trust, Brock University and various companies in the Industrial, Commercial and Healthcare fields. Owner/Operator 'Speechless' January 2001 - July 2001 (7 months) Opened and operated a highly successful performance space for live bands, recording, and theatre. Managed four employees. Had a web based booking interface. Hosted hundreds of bands, standouts include: the Dears, Joel Plaskett, Alexis On Fire and the Billy Mason Trio.


Holt, Robertson (2000). Examinining Video Game Immersion as a Flow State. American Psychological Association AGM, Washington, Volume 108. Holt, Robertson, Technical Editor (2009). CryENGINE 3 Game Development: Beginner's Guide. Packt Publishing


Summer Internship Hypermedia Lab (Brock, 1999)


> Presented: Future of the Games Industry, Fan Expo - Toronto, ON (2013) Examinining Video Game Immersion as a Flow State American Psychology Association - Washington, DC (2000) Guelph Undergrad Psychology Thesis Conference - Guelph, ON (2000) > Performed (Musical Set): Subtle Technologies - Toronto, ON (2008) [ DJ Set ] Electric Eclectics - Meaford, ON (2010) [ Car Window transducer audio installation ] > Attended / Worked / Volunteered : Maker Festival, Toronto, ON (2018) Founder's Day, Osteopathy Conference - Toronto, ON (2017) Founder's Day, Osteopathy Conference - Toronto, ON (2016) Founder's Day, Osteopathy Conference - Toronto,ON (2015) Montreal International Game Summit – Montreal, QU (2009) GameON:Finance - Toronto, ON (2009) The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine - Boulder, CO (2004) Mutek - Montreal, QU (2003) Synaesthesia Conference, Princeton University - Princeton, NJ (2003) Game Developers Conference - San Jose, CA (2000) Apple World Wide Developers Conference (Free pass from Apple) - San Jose, CA (1999) American Psychology Association Annual Convention - Boston, MA (1999)